“Happy Birthday To My Show Boy”– Veteran Actress Joke Silva Celebrate Her Husband 81st Birthday

Joke Silva vs Olu Jacob

To commemorate Olu Jacobs‘ 81st birthday, Joke Silva, the esteemed actress and his beloved wife, has conveyed her deep affection and admiration for him.

Accompanied by a touching photograph of her cherished companion, Joke  happily acknowledged that this day officially marks his birthday.

She playfully mentioned that their son has been celebrating his own birthday since May, but now it is time to solely focus on honoring Olu Jacobs.

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Overflowing with profound pride and unwavering devotion, Joke Silva poured out her heart in heartfelt prayers, expressing her gratitude to God for blessing her life with his presence.

“Show boy. Happy birthday dearest as you add plus 1 @_olujacobs God is good… always Sir Js fans have been celebrating his birthday since May. Note…. Today is the official day 11th July”.

Essenceloaded recall that Joke Silva, a Nollywood actress, is currently one of Nigeria’s most well-known and recognizable actresses. She is also a half of Olu Jacobs and Joke, one of the most well-known celebrity couples in Nigerian history.


Joke recently discussed her dislike of cooking and the true reason she hasn’t cooked for herself in a very long time on Mercy Johnson Okojie’s program, “Mercy’s Menu.” Along with other things, she talked openly about Olu Jacobs’ love side. Joke Silva stated the following.

During the interview, Joke was asked “Do you cook?” She responded:

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