Kharis Noah Shines Bright with Debut EP – “BOLANLE”

Kharis Noah Shines Bright with Debut EP - "BOLANLE"

Kharis Noah Bolanle Mp3 Download

Kharis Noah, a promising and talented artiste from the city of Kaduna. Her Debut EP, “BOLANLE” Unveils a Journey of Self-Discovery, Resilience, and Empowerment.


Drawing from her personal journey and the challenges she has overcome, Kharis Noah delivers lyrics that are both relatable and inspiring.

Her songs serve as a reminder that no matter the obstacles we face, we have the power to rise above and create our own path towards greatness.


“BOLANLE” extends a heartfelt invitation to its audience, granting them access to the captivating realm of Kharis Noah.

Through this album, a profound insight is offered into her remarkable voyage of personal growth, as she navigates through trials and emerges triumphant.

The very essence of the album title, derived from Kharis Noah’s indigenous name, holds a profound significance, symbolizing her quest to rediscover her identity and derive empowerment
from embracing her authentic self.

Kharis Noah Shines Bright with Debut EP - "BOLANLE"

Below, I have provided details about the EP, “BOLANLE” by Kharis Noah.


Find Kharis Noah on social media:

Instagram: @Kharis_Noah

Twitter: @Kharis_Noah

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