Review: Cheesy As Love, Sleazy As Ego, The Eagle Is Soaring

A year plus after the release of his highly successful album, Made In Lagos, Wizkid returns with More Love, Less Ego, an album that is rich in flow and cadence.

A 14 track album sees regular producers like P-Prime, Kel P P2J and Juls handle the production of the songs. Anyone conversant with music production and it details will realize that having these producers work on an album definitely means the album will be rich in flow, reeks of delight and breath of cadence.

The album takes a deep journey into love (sex) and ego (money). On this album, Wizkid was full of praises for a woman’s body, he describes it as a beloved country – a place he can walk at night where everything is dark and still wouldn’t miss his way.

The first track Money and Love opens with the alluring sensual track, a mid-tempo song that is inevitably a sex laden lyrics. Here is where the singer is telling his lover how he wants to get wasted. The second track Balance is also synonymous to the first track, though with a more fantastic flow.

Wizkid has his sound, though many of his fans want the Wizkid of Superstar and Ayo but the singer is now leaning to a new sound, perhaps a new culture, call it anything you want, Popsy as he is fondly called has moved further.

His ability to frolic with Ayra Star on their collaboration further proves Wizkid’s range, Ayra Star was also able ride on the wave and both artistes compliment each other well. The verse and chorus is incredible.

Despite many things and so many opinions people might say about the album, Wizkid maintained a message on the album – More Intimacy, More Money. Cheesy as Love, Sleazy as Ego, the eagle is soaring.

Rating: 7/10

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