She be idan” – Video of Alfa and his Eleha playing snooker sparks reactions online (Watch)

She be idan Eleha

A recent video involving an Alfa wearing his Turban and his Eleha wife (a woman in Islam who covers her face with a veil) having fun at a public place has surfaced online and by extension generated several reactions.

While many people believe that Eleha is not meant to be at a social gathering, a recent video of Alfa and Eledha playing a snooker game sparked more captivating reactions with many in the same position voicing out the hope of doing the same.

In the clip, Eleha and Alfa battle together as they were seen showing off their skills in snooker game and that was just the beginning.

However, while they were playing the game, Eleha proved many people wrong as she was able to pot even more than her husband, Alfa.

nadraassy: So beautiful to watch 😍😍, you’re religious shouldn’t stop you from enjoying life ❤️ as long as it aligns with your faith.

ayor_aad’s profile picture Na why he cover Eleha face…because the girl don see street before make people wey know her no recognize her again.

iam_emryz: See as as bridge sef you go don know say na omo oro before 😂.

hardejhoke2086: You go don know say Eleha na Idan 😂.

xx_ayinde: Who teach elaha how to play snooker.

_aroooooooo: Don’t forget they are also human beings tooo

harjiiballer: Marry fine girl finish 😮turn am to eleha 😢Greedy man !!

damip.aid: The Alfa suppose Dey suspicious ooo 😂😂 who Dey teach Eleha house to play snooker

Many have started showering encomium on the Eleha for her skills in snooker games as they referred to her as Idan.


While many curious netizens question how Eleha was able to know how to play snooker so well, others claim that she might have been on the street before she turned to Eleha

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